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SWARMiR - space whale for asteroid resources mining and refining
concept of a mission aimed at preserving our planet by engaging in asteroid biomining. with Earth's resources depleting rapidly and an overshoot predicted by August 2nd, 2023, urgent action is required to prevent a decline in living standards by 2030. The mission involves a space station in geostationary orbit, connected to Earth by a space elevator, and a flying refinery known as the space whale. Equipped with lasers and a swarm of space tugs, the space whale extracts, refines, and stores valuable resources from asteroids, offering a sustainable and green solution. This mission not only addresses resource scarcity but also has the potential for space debris removal and protecting Earth from asteroid impacts, paving the way for a brighter future in the boundless universe.

thanks to my great team it was a great ride!!
Federica Trudu
Enrica Trevisan
Leon Sebastian Renner

concept project made during space architecture workshop in lugano organized by Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation and lectured by Dr. Barbara Imhof and \René Waclavicek\ from LIQUIFER Systems Group GmbH
special thanks to all the lecturers:
Angelo Vermeulen, Virginia Wotring, ESA - Christophe Lasseur, Christina Ciardullo AIA, Alessandro Tassinari and Igor Ciminelli 🚀